Mycroft is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.0, meaning that developers are free to take, extend, and integrate any Mycroft software as needed. We strongly encourage any developer(that means you!) to contribute to the Mycroft core and make it even better. This can be anything from a simple bugfix to a full-fledged skill that you think Mycroft should have. The sky is the limit - you can use Mycroft to interface with vehicles, games, smart appliances around the home, and much more.

Where can I find the Mycroft repository?

The Mycroft core repository can be found here.

Official guidelines

Before you contribute, take a look at the guidelines on how to properly contribute to the code.

Joining Mattermost chat

You can also join Mattermost and chat with other Mycroft developers.

Community forums

Feel free to stop by our community forums and take a look at what our community has been talking about and working on.

Contributing to this documentation

If you find an error in this documentation or want to update it to reflect new changes, go to the Mycroft documentation page, make your desired changes, and submit a pull request.

Other ways you can contribute?

Coming soon!