Getting Started

Setting up Mycroft

Currently, Mycroft only runs in Linux environments. If you already have a Linux desktop environment, you can go ahead and skip to the appropriate install section:

Raspberry Pi
Package Install
Docker Image

Setting Up Mycroft on non-Linux Operating Systems

For those who use MacOS or Windows, you can use something like VirtualBox to set up a virtual Linux environment. To do this:

  • Install VirtualBox or another similar piece of software
  • Download an image of your preferred distribution of Linux from something like If you're not sure about distributions, we recommend using Ubuntu 16.04 as that is what our current setup scripts are targeted at.
  • Import your image into VirtualBox
  • Make sure you allocate at least 15 GB of hard drive space, 3 GB of Ram, and 2 cores of your processor. If you run it with one core, that's fine, but keep in mind it will take Mimic a long time to build.

    From there, go to the git clone install