Docker Install

Mycroft Docker - Dev Getting Setup

This is a development setup, not really ready for production use yet. Good for testing out skills, and features inside a container with minimal resources.

How to build and run

  1. Git pull this repository - git clone

  2. Build the docker image with docker build -t ${USER}/mycroft . in the directory that you have checked out.

  3. Run the following to start up mycroft: docker run --device /dev/snd:/dev/snd -itd ${USER}/mycroft

  4. Want a interactive cli session to register the device and test things, then run the following and type pair my device to start, we are mounting a local filesystem into the container so we can store our Identity file to reuse this same device over and over on new containers: docker run -it -p 8181:8181 -v /path_on_local_device:/root/.mycroft ${USER}/mycroft /bin/bash /mycroft/ai/ start -d

  5. Confirm via docker ps that your container is up and serving port 8181:
docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                                COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                            NAMES
692219e23bf2        user/mycroft                                    "/mycroft/ai/mycro..."   3 seconds ago       Up 1 second         8181/tcp                                         amazing_borg

CLI Access

You can interact with the CLI of the container by running the following command, this will connect you to the running container via bash:

docker exec -it container_name /bin/bash

You can exit this container safely and leave it running by hitting cntrl + p + q, otherwise you can just hit cntrl+c to exit the cli and it will exit the container. If you exit with cntrl + p + q it will leave the session open and running, still seeing issues attaching to sessions with previously running cli sessions though, so be advised.

You can get the container name via:

docker ps
Quickly start, stop or restart Mycroft's esential services in detached screens

usage: /mycroft/ai/ [-h] (start [-v|-c]|stop|restart)
      -h             this help message
      start          starts mycroft-service, mycroft-skills, mycroft-voice and mycroft-cli in quiet mode
      start -v       starts mycroft-service, mycroft-skills and mycroft-voice
      start -c       starts mycroft-service, mycroft-skills and mycroft-cli in background
      start -d       starts mycroft-service and mycroft skills in quiet mode and an active mycroft-cli
      stop           stops mycroft-service, mycroft-skills and mycroft-voice
      restart        restarts mycroft-service, mycroft-skills and mycroft-voice

screen tips:
            run 'screen -list' to see all running screens
            run 'screen -r <screen-name>' (e.g. 'screen -r mycroft-service') to reatach a screen
            press ctrl + a, ctrl + d to detace the screen again
            See the screen man page for more details