Using Python Virtual Environments

Using Virtualenv and Python

For now, this is mostly helpful for developing skills for Mycroft and shouldn't be necessary unless you are using some custom skills to activate your virtualenv.

With virtualenv-wrapper:

workon mycroft

Without virtualenv-wrapper:

source ~/.virtualenvs/mycroft/bin/activate
  • run PYTHONPATH=. python client/speech/ # the main speech detection loop, which prints events to stdout and broadcasts them to a message bus
  • run PYTHONPATH=. python client/messagebus/service/ # the main message bus, implemented via web sockets
  • run PYTHONPATH=. python client/skills/ # main skills executable, loads all skills under skills dir

Note: The above scripts are blocking, so each will need to be run in a separate terminal session. Each terminal session will require that the virtualenv be activated. There are very few reasons to use this method.