Skills and Features


Here are the skills that the Mycroft core has as of 14 July 2016. The example keyphrases are just examples, take a look at the vocab folders in the provided links for a more comprehensive list of what Mycroft will respond to.

Skill Name Example Keyphrase Function Output Links
alarm "Mycroft, create an alarm for five minutes" Creates an alarm "Ok, a new alarm was created on ..." Link
"Mycroft, turn off alarm" Stops alarm "The alarm has been stopped"
audio_record "Mycroft, start recording" Starts recording audio "Audio recording ... initialized" Link
"Mycroft, stop recording" Stops recording audio "Stopping audio recording"
"Mycroft, play recording" Plays the latest recording Latest recording
date_time "Mycroft, what time is it in London?" Gives the time "It is currently ... in London" Link
desktop_launcher "Mycroft, launch Firefox" Launches programs installed on your computer N/A Link
"Mycroft, launch Paypal" Launches websites on your favored browser N/A
"Mycroft, search for Linux on Google" Searches for a term on a website N/A
dial_call "Mycroft, call home" Calls a contact Currently not working/needs configs? Link
helloworld "Mycroft, hello world" Responds appropriately "Hello world" Link
"Mycroft, thank you" Says you're welcome "No problem"
"Mycroft, how are you doing?" Tells you how he's doing "I'm doing very well"
ip_skill "Mycroft, what are your IP addresses?" Lists IP addresses "Here are my available I.P. addresses: ... Link
joke "Mycroft, tell me a joke" Gives a joke from the pyjoke library "Chuck Norris doesn't needs try-catch, exceptions are too afraid to raise." Link
naptime "Mycroft, go to sleep" Puts Mycroft to sleep until he hears his name "Ok, I'm going to sleep" Link
npr_news "Mycroft, tell me the news" Gives you the latest news summary from NPR "Here is the top of hours news from NPR: ... Link
personal "Mycroft, who are you?" Tells you details about Mycroft "I am Mycroft..." Link
reminder "Mycroft, set a reminder for tomorrow" Sets a reminder "Reminder set..." Link
"Mycroft, stop reminder" Stops the reminder N/A
"Mycroft, list reminders" Gives you a list of reminders "You have a reminder at ..."
send_sms "Mycroft, text home I'll be back soon" Texts a message to a contact Currently not working/needs configs? Link
speak "Mycroft, say something" Speaks back what you told him to say "Something" Link
spelling "Mycroft, spell skill" Spells a word "S K I L L" Link
stock "Mycroft, what is the stock price of Microsoft?" Gives stock prices of the given company "With ticker symbol MSFT..." Link
volume "Mycroft, raise volume" Raises the volume one level "Volume raised to ..." Link
"Mycroft, lower volume" Lowers the volume one level "Volume reduced to ..."
"Mycroft, set volume to ..." Sets the volume to level, 0-11 "Volume set to ..."
"Mycroft, mute volume" Mutes the volume "Volume is going to be muted"
weather "Mycroft, what's the weather in Lawrence, KS" Gives the current weather in a location "With a high of ..." Link
"Mycroft, what's the weather tomorrow" Gives the next day's weather in a location "Tomorrow, it will be ..."
"Mycroft, what's the weather in the next hour" Gives the upcoming weather in a location "In the next few hours..."
wiki "What does Wikipedia say about Abraham Lincoln?" Searches for your query on Wikipedia "You're welcome" Link
wolfram_alpha "Mycroft, what's 2 to the 5th?" Queries Wolfram Alpha with your query "2^5 is 32" Link